Monday 16th april

Mary Rose Trophy

Report by Derek Watts

   The club's first foray into the higher end of national club tournaments resulted in a 3-4 loss down at Pendle & Craven, see match results below.

My feeling is that having not played enough in the current season due to bad weather, we were "ring rusty" and the heavy lawns did not help! The deadline for playing this match is early June but due to the host club being unable, for one reason or another, to get a team together before then, we could only play it on this date.

We were given a good lunch and our hosts were, as usual, very welcoming. The weather was unusually kind - dry with a slight chilly wind.

Results: (Pendle names first)

Morning games:

Robert Essler (1) & Roger Schofield (2) beat Phil Errington (0.5) & Derek Watts (1)  +16

Gary Wilson (10) lost to Terry Vernazza (2)  -14

Andrew Webb (2.5) beat David Millener (7)  +8

Afternoon games:

Robert beat Phil +14

Roger lost to Derek -8

Andrew lost to Terry -3t

Gary beat David +19

Sunday 15th april

Tyneside CC One Ball Championship

Report by Derek Johnson

     11 members contested the inaugural Club One Ball tournament.  In addition to being the club championship the tournament also formed part of the national network of One Ball tournaments organised by Kevin Carter of the CA.  This year's nominated charity is the Downs Syndrome Association, which is why competitors are asked to wear green it being the charity's colour,and the entry fees of £5 have been duly donated to a worthy cause.  The winner of the tournament is also eligible to compete in the national finals held in Surbiton on 13th May.
     After the horrendous weather that has accompanied the start of the 2018 season it was good to play with a bit of sun on our backs.  The CA, or more precisely Kevin Carter, have evolved a handicap system where players' One Ball handicaps are the lowest of their AC handicap or 2.5 times their GC handicap or 20.  Bisques are awarded as one third of the handicap difference between opponents with fractions rounded up or down to a half.
     The event ended in a three way tie with Robert Nixon, Derek Johnson and Geoff Clemence all finishing with seven wins from their 10 matches.  The "who beat whom" tiebreaker meant that Robert emerged victorious, having beaten both of the other two, and Derek was runner-up having also beaten Geoff.
     Special thanks to Liz Nisbet who eschewed the chance of glory but donated her fiver anyway, to the GC players who put their heads above the parapet, but above all to everyone who supported the tournament and, of course, the charity.

                        1st   Robert Nixon (Handicap 10)        7 wins          7th    Terry Vernazza (Handicap 2)      5 wins
                        2nd  Derek Johnson (Handicap 10)     7 wins          8th    Brenda Johnson (Handicap 20) 4 wins
                        3rd   Geoff Clemence (Handicap 18)   7 wins          9th    Ian Hunter (Handicap 2.5)          3 wins
                        4th   Andrew Carpenter (Handicap 5) 6 wins         10th   Liz Parker (Handicap 20)            2 wins
                        5th   Alan Thwaite (Handicap 20)        6 wins          11th  Hedley Parker(Handicap 7.5)     2 wins      
                        6th   Phil Errington(Handicap -1)         6 wins

 Derek Johnson presents the winner's trophy to Robert Nixon
Tyneside's very own "Green Army"

Saturday 7th april

Middlesbrough One Ball Tournament

Report by Charles Waterfield

Winner Nigel Roberts; Runner-up Derek Johnson

     This year’s One-ball event, our eleventh, involved twelve competitors from North East clubs. The tournament was also a heat in the national (Downs Syndrome) charity One-ball.
     Handicaps ranged from 0.5 to 18 (those below 2 played off further-reduced HCs); one-third the bisque difference was used. Time-limits of 40 minutes were rarely reached. Round-robin draws were selected by the manager and late on it was agreed that 10 rounds be completed. Over the closing rounds it became a close contest between Derek Johnson, Nigel Roberts and Julian Gibson, so it was perhaps a pity that the 11th round couldn't be fitted in.
     Positions were calculated on a PC using 'comparative scoring' (see Gaunt & Wheeler)*; Nigel just managing to maintain a slight lead over Derek at close of play.

Final results:

1st Nigel Roberts (Mbro)             7th Andrew Carpenter (Durham)

2nd Derek Johnson (Tyneside)     8th John Fitzpatrick (Mbro)

3rd Phil Errington (Tyneside)       9th David Millener (Belsay)

4th= Derek Watts (Tyneside)       10th Dennis Scarr (Mbro)

4th= Geoff Clemence (Tyneside) 11th Andrew Killick (Mbro)

6th Julian Gibson (Mbro)              12th Terry Vernazza (Tyneside)