Sunday 8th October

'Black Sheep' GC Doubles Tournament - Ripon Spa

In one of the late season tournaments Chris Wood and Sam Thompson (Ripon Spa) won the 'Black Sheep' GC Doubles 'All-Play-All' event after triumphing in a three-way tie by having the best hoop difference.

The picture shows the deservedly happy Sam and Chris with their trophies:-

3rd October 2017

CN AC Singles KO Championship Final

Eric Nixon lost to Roger Staples (M'Boro CC) 11-26

CN GC Singles KO Final

Phil Errington beat Ian Hunter 10-5, 6-10, 10-6

1st October 2017

Club 'Roger Russell' GC Level Singles Competition

Six entrants competed in an all-play-all format of single 13 point games. The competition was managed  by Peter Lowe.

The winner was Phil Errington with 5 out of 5 wins and the runner-up David Millener with 4 wins.

David's GC handicap reduces from 3 to 2 as a result of his wins in this competition.

29th September 2017

Club AC Handicap Doubles Competiton

Five pairs of players competed in an all-play-all format in this annual competition with the partnership of Terry Vernazza and Geoff Clemence winning all four of their matches to become the 2017 Club AC Doubles Champions.                                          The competition was managed by Derek Watts.

24th September 2017

Top of the Tree GC Singles Competition

Seven contestants took part in this invitation 'All-Play-All' competition at Ripon Spa Hotel. 

Derek Johnson was the overall winner after winning a play-off against Jane Pringle (Auckland CC)

The picture shows Derek receiving the 'Thinking Monkey' trophy from competition organiser Rosemay Longbottom:-

20th September 2017

Club AC Handicap Singles KO

In the FINAL of this competition Phil Errington beat Terry Vernazza 26-19 in a very closely fought match with only 10 minutes to spare.

15th september 2017

CN AC Advanced Singles KO

Phil Errington lost to Andrew Killick 12-26 in the Process Semi Final and then lost again 7-26 in the competition final.

13th september 2017

Club AC Advanced League

Phil Errington beat Don Wright 26-21

8th September 2017

CN GC Singles KO

PROCESS FINAL - Phil Errington beat Roger Carpenter 10-7, 10-6

7th September 2017

Club AC Handicap Singles KO

PROCESS FINAL - Phil Errington beat Eric Nixon 26-16

6th september 2017

Club AC Advanced League

Derek Watts beat Don Wright 26-8

31st August 2017

CN AC Handicap Singles KO

Eric Nixon beat Nigel Roberts +1 on time.

29th August 2017

CN AC Handicap Singles KO

Eric Nixon beat David Millener 26-13

Club AC Handicap Singles KO

Terry Vernazza beat Derek Johnson 26-23

DRAW FINAL - Terry Vernazza beat Phil Errington 26-13

CN GC Singles KO

Phil Errington beat Brenda Johnson 10-6, 10-6

26th August 2017

Club AC Advanced League

Phil Errington beat David Millener 26-19 in a very closely fought match.

24th August 2017

Club AC Advanced League

Derek Watts beat Phil Errington 26-19

19th August 2017

CN East pennine League - Pendle v Tyneside

Having won their home game earlier in the season the Tyneside team travelled to Earby for this away match but lost to Pendle & Craven - 1 game to 6.       Peter Wallace was the only successful Tynesider!

11th August 2017

CN AC Handicap Singles KO

Roger Staples beat Terry Vernazza 26-0

Nigel Roberts beat Terry Vernazza 26-0

12th August 2017

CN GC Singles KO

Phil Errington beat Eugene Brady (Auckland) 10-6, 10-5

10th August 2017

CN AC Advanced Singles KO

Phil Errington beat Terry Vernazza 26-13

8th August 2017

CN GC Singles KO

Phil Errington lost to Nigel Martin (Durham) 10-8, 8-10, 9-10

2nd August 2017

CN AC Handicap Doubles KO

Phil Errington & Derek Johnson lost to Roger Staples & John Fitzpatrick 17-26

29 & 30th July 2017

Tyneside CC Weekend Advanced Tournament

Derek Watts reports:- David Maugham won the Tyneside Advanced Weekend winning all his 7 games, which is not surprising. What is surprising is he completed just 1 qp and no tp's or sxp's - he still did the business though!

The triple peel prize went to John-Paul Moberly who earned his 'gold badge' plus a handicap reduction to 0.5 dropping only a single game to the winner.

Results:-     David Maugham (-2) beat Phil Errington +24qp, Ian Hall +21, Alison Jones +18, Paul Rigge +17, Roger Staples +20 and Terry Vernazza +26

John-Paul Moberly (1) beat Phil Errington +24tp, Ian Hall +21, Alison Jones +22tp, Paul Rigge +17tp, Roger Staples +16 and Terry Vernazza +5

Alison Jones (0) beat Phil Errington +19, Ian Hall +10, Roger Staples +11 and Terry Vernazza +26

Phil Errington (1) beat Ian Hall +2t, Paul Rigge +11, Roger Staples +9 and Terry Vernazza +7t

Terry Vernazza (2) beat Ian Hall +15, Paul Rigge +6t and Roger Staples +23

Paul Rigge (-1) beat Ian Hall +21, Alison Jones +5 and Roger Staples +23

Ian Hall (4) beat Roger Staples +7

Roger Staples (3) no wins

Handicap changes:- John-Paul Moberly from 1 to 0.5    Phil Errington from 1 to 0.5

Derek Watts, Match secretary.

27th July 2017

Club AC Handicap Singles KO

Derek Johnson beat Andrew Carpenter 26-23

25th July 2017

CN AC Handicap Doubles KO

Terry Vernazza & Alan Thwaite lost to Roger Staples & John Fitzpatrick  (Middlesbrough) 22-23

23rd July 2017

East Pennine League

Tyneside 4 Pendle & Craven 3

Derek Watts (1) & Terry Vernazza (2) beat Peter (0.5) & Liz Wilson(1) 26-11
Eric Nixon (9) beat Robin Delves (10) 20-16
Nora Burbridge (12) lost to Paul Dowdall (10) 11-17
Derek Watts (1) lost to Peter Wilson (0.5) 8-26
Terry Vernazza (2) beat Liz Wilson (1) 26-11
Eric Nixon (9) beat Paul Dowdall (10) 24-18
Nora Burbridge (12) lost to Robin Delves (10) 9-26

21st July 2017

Club AC Handicap Singles KO

Eric Nixon beat Andrew Carpenter 20-17

20th July 2017

Club AC Handicap Singles KO

Terry Vernazza beat Derek Johnson 26-14

18th July 2017

CN AC Handicap Singles KO

Terry Vernazza beat Geoff Clemence 20-18

16th July 2017

CN AC League

Tyneside Vickers 2 Middlesbrough Resolution 2

Nora Burbridge (12) beat Barbara McDermott (10) 26-24
Terry Vernazza (2) & Geoff Clemence (18) beat Peter McDermott (3.5) & Ken Spragg (14) 25-19
Geoff Clemence lost to KenSpragg (14) 14-21
Terry Vernazza (2) & Nora Burbridge (12) lost to Peter (3.5) & Barbara McDermott (10) 17-26

13th July 2017

CN Advanced Singles KO

Terry Vernazza beat Peter McDermott 26-25 (at Middlesbrough)

This result triggered Terry's second handicap reduction in 7days.  Down from 2.5 to 2.0!  Derek Watts's handicap is now 1.

CN AC Doubles KO

Sheila & Derek Watts lost to Andrew Killick & Nigel Roberts (Middlesbrough) 12-26

CN GC Singles KO

Phil Errington beat Derek Johnson 10-6, 10-9

12th July 2017

CA Ascot Cup (GC)Qualifier - Ashby CC

Chris Wood just missed out qualifying for the Ascot Cup on hoop difference to Martin French but went on to win the 'Plate' event with some good wins against higher ranked players.

As a result of this performance Chris's handicap has improved to 3.

11th July 2017

Club Handicap Singles KO

Terry Vernazza beat Alan Thwaite 26-14

10th July 2017

CN AC Handicap Singles KO

   Phil Errington lost to Roger Staples 4-26

CN AC Advanced Singles KO

Phil Errington beat Roger Staples  26-24

CN AC DoublesKO

Derek & Sheila Watts lost to Andrew Killick & Nigel Roberts ?-26

8th July 2017

Pendle & Craven Midweek Tournament

Terry Vernazza joined 15 other players from around the UK for the Pendle & Craven Midweek AC Tournament, this being a 4 day event from 4th to 7th July.   Players contested one of four singles block competitions (2 Advanced and 2 Handicap), an overarching singles Egyptian competition and a doubles competition.

Terry won the Egyptian competition, winning 7 out of 9 singles games. He also won the trophy for the fastest winning game of the tournament - 59 minutes.

As a result of his wins Terry's handicap has reduced from 3 to 2.5   Congratulations to Terry!

7th July 2017

Club AC Handicap Singles KO

   Phil Errington beat Eric Nixon 26-10

CN AC Advanced Singles KO

Phil Errington beat Derek Watts 26-20

6th July 2017

Club AC Handicap Singles KO

     Phil Errington narrowly defeated Sheila Watts 26-24

Club Advanced Singles League

David Millener beat Derek Watts 19-18

4th July 2017

CN AC Advanced Singles KO

     Derek Watts beat Peter McDermott (Middlesbrough) 26-1

30th June 2017

Club AC Handicap Singles KO

     Andrew Carpenter beat Terry Vernazza 26-7

Club Advanced Singles League 

  Terry Vernazza beat Phil Errington 26-4

29th June 2017

Club AC Handicap Singles KO

     Eric Nixon beat Peter Wallace 26-16

28th June 2017

CN AC Handicap Singles KO

  Derek Watts lost to Roger Staples (M'Boro) -14

24 & 25th June 2017

Middlesbrough "B" Level AC Tournament  

by Charles Waterfield

For our ninth B-level in Albert Park we had ten competitors, five from the home club and the others from Tyneside, Pendle and Keswick. As last year we ran a cross-block (those in Block A playing against each person in Block B), but this year distributed visitors and host club members evenly. Handicaps ranged from 0.5 to 3.5, the average in the blocks 2.1 (A) and 2.3 (B). Time-limits were 2½ hrs, extended to 2? hrs on the double-banked lawn; only 5 of the 25 games went to time.

Block A: Derek Watts (Tyneside), Andrew Killick, Dennis Scarr, Terry Vernazza (Tyneside) and Ian Hall (Keswick).

Block B: Phil Errington (Tyneside), Charles Waterfield, Andrew Webb (Pendle), Roger Staples and Peter McDermott (coming in as a reserve to give us an even number).

Three rounds on the first day and another two on Sunday produced the following results:

Killick beat Staples +1, Webb +13, McDermott +24, Errington +15, Waterfield +17

Scarr beat Webb +23, Waterfield +1t, McDermott +13t, Staples +7

Staples beat Watts +10, Vernazza +12, Hall, +7

Errington beat Hall +3, Scarr +7, Watts +10

Vernazza beat Errington +4, Webb +2t, McDermott +25

Watts beat McDermott +9, Waterfield +14

Waterfield beat Vernazza + 22, Hall +3t

Webb beat Watts +6t, Hall +25

Players were happy not to play a further 'play-off' round (in view of some home journeys) and net points were used to arrive at some final overall placings.
Andrew Killick with 5/5 wins took 1st place (as last year) and Dennis Scarr 4/5 was runner-up (the others in the order above).
A most enjoyable gathering of friends, played in good spirits - and sunshine. What more could one ask, other than running more hoops than one's opponent!

22nd June 2017

CN AC Handicap Singles KO  

  Nigel Roberts (M'Boro) beat Phil Errington +26

Phil Errington beat John Fitzpatrick (M'Boro) +10

CN Advanced Singles KO

Phil Errington beat Dennis Scarr (M'Boro) +8

Club AC Handicap Singles KO

Eric Nixon beat Derek Watts 26-14   (Eric's handicap is now 9)

20th June 2017

Club AC Handicap Singles KO

     Phil Errington (1) beat Sheila Watts (9) 26-17

18th June 2017

East Pennine League

     Yet another journey down the A19, this time for an EPL match that Middlesbrough won 4-3

Derek Watts (0.5) & Phil Errington (1) lost to Roger Staples (3) & Nigel Roberts (11) 3-26
Eric Nixon (10) beat Julian Gibson (14) 26-18
Derek Johnson (12) beat John Fitzpatrick (16) 26-13
Derek Watts (0.5) lost to Roger Staples (3) 13-26
Phil Errington (1) lost to Nigel Roberts (11) 1-26
Eric Nixon (10) beat John Fitzpatrick (16) 26-10
Derek Johnson (12) lost to Julian Gibson (14) 14-16

16th June 2017

CN GC Inter-Club Doubles Tournament at Bamburgh

     The fifth edition of this very popular fixture on the CN calendar took place, unusually, on a Friday because of a wedding reception booked into the pavilion for the Saturday (don't worry, Jamie's booked the Saturday date for the next three years).  Alnmouth & Alnwick were defending champions and holders of the Alice Fleck Trophy in a tournament consisting of two games of doubles between each club whereby the handicaps of the four players must add up to at least 20, with two points for every win and one for a draw.
      Peter's call for players elicited positive responses from only Phyllis Appleby and May Hall whereas over at Belsay there were 10 volunteers.  When the rules of the tournament arrived, the limit of six players in a squad prompted a bit of quick arithmetic by Derek Johnson where he worked out that all 12 volunteers could be catered for and everybody would get a few games at least, Jamie Edgar wouldn't be left with a gaping hole in his tournament programme, and wearing his Treasurer's hat, the club's entry fee wouldn't be forfeited.
       So Phil Errington, Ian Hunter, Derek Johnson and Eric Nixon were all pencilled in to join May and Phyllis. With May, Phyllis and Derek playing in every match, each of the other three would get two games apiece and Phil would finally get to play in the tournament having been Referee of Tournament every year thus far without a game.  As previously reported Phil then spoilt the Master Plan by winning his CN Singles match on Tuesday and reducing his handicap to -1, thereby making it impossible to reach the magic 20 with any permutation.
       Ian and Eric took turns partnering Phyllis as "Tyneside 1" and Derek and May formed "Tyneside 2" and with one round to go any of three teams could have won the trophy.  Bamburgh were on 15, Auckland and Tyneside were on 14, BUT the first two were playing each other in the last round.  We had our chance to set Bamburgh a challenging target of 18 if we could win both of our games against, guess who, Belsay.  Bamburgh and Auckland duly obliged by winning one match each and we..... lost both our matches.
      So Bamburgh won "their" tournament for the first time, Auckland won a stick of Seahouses rock (each) and Tyneside finished third, with Belsay fourth, Alnmouth & Alnwick fifth and Durham and perennial guests Edinburgh, joint sixth.
       Speaking as CN's GC League Manager, it is hearteningthat the federation's two youngest clubs have now won this tournament, showing a big improvement in play since its inauguration when Alnmouth & Alnwick weren't even in existence.

15th June 2017

CN AC Handicap Singles KO

David and Derek's turn to tread the familiar path of the A19 to Albert Park and they too returned with a win and a loss each.

David Millener beat Mike Akester 26-18
Derek Johnson lost to Julian Gibson 21-26
David Millener  lost to Julian Gibson 23-26
Derek Johnson beat Mike Akester 26-24

....and at home:-                

Club AC Handicap Singles KO

Phil Errington beat Derek Watts 26-11

14th June 2017

CN AC Handicap Doubles KO

Sheila and Derek followed in Terry's footsteps of last week travelling down to Middlesbrough for two matches and had the same return of one victory and one defeat:

Sheila & Derek Watts  lost to Roger Staples & John Fitzpatrick 5-26
Sheila & Derek Watts beat Barbara & Peter McDermott 26-19

13th June 2017

CN GC Singles KO

Phil and Derek discovered they were playing at Chester-le-Street on the same day.  Phil's victory gives him a handicap of -1 and contrives to prevent him playing for the Club in the Bamburgh Event on Friday because of the total handicap criterion.

Phil Errington beat Nigel Martin 10-6, 10-9.
Derek Johnson lost to Roger Carpenter 10-5, 5-10, 5-10.

12th June 2017

Club AC Handicap Singles KO

Peter Wallace beat Alan Thwaite 22-14

11th June 2017

CN GC Singles KO

Derek Johnson beat Andrew Carpenter 10-7, 7-10, 10-4.

6th june 2017

CN AC Advanced Singles KO
Terry Vernazza travelled down to Albert Park for two Advanced Singleswith mixed outcomes.

Terry Vernazza lost to Andrew Killick 23-26
Terry Vernazza beat Dennis Scarr 26-11

Club AC Handicap Singles KO

Andrew Carpenter beat Liz Nisbet 26-8

3rd June 2017

Club AC Handicap Singles KO

Phil Errington beat Peter Wallace 26-11

31st May 2017

Bill Hill
Member of Tyneside Croquet Club 1986 – 2017

“Selfie” taken with a plate camera in 1949

     Bill Hill took up croquet in 1986 shortly after he retired from a 47 year career as chartered principal design engineer at Parsons Turbine Generators in Newcastle upon Tyne.  His lateral thinking meant he took to Association Croquet very readily and he enjoyed the challenge of the game for the next 31 years.  He gained a long service award from the Croquet Association, a Diploma for Services to Croquet and was made an honorary member of his club. He served on the committee as secretary for 18 years.  As Sheila Best, Tyneside’s current chair says, “Bill made things. He was always turning his hand to something that would help us on the lawn whether it was making a trolley, repairing an old one, putting a wheel on this, that or the other, making a notice board, installing rabbit proof fences, you name it, he did it.  For as long as I have known him Bill was a kind and gentle man who has served our sport well. He will be truly missed.”
     Bill grew up in Newcastle and for many of his younger years was a very keen tennis and badminton player. In the 1930s his engine driver father bought his only son a grand piano, snooker table and Austin Seven car.  He was only 15 when war broke out but as luck would have it he was evacuated to Cumbria where he was billeted with the headmaster of the only school in the village, for girls. He not only had a grand piano too but a very pretty daughter. 

  When Bill’s parents came to collect him to start his apprenticeship with Parsons he was both devastated to leave and excited to start the new love in his life, engineering.  As he progressed he was kept on reserved occupation, ensuring that the city’s generators were constantly working.  His job was to “Keep those lights on” and his voluntary job as Fire Warden, to “Turn those lights off”. 
     Bill’s wife, Norah joined Tyneside Croquet Club with him.  She had also been a fine racquet sportswoman and with croquet particularly enjoyed the camaraderie of the club. She died suddenly in 1999.  Latterly, Bill’s, youngest daughter, Alison, joined the club and the halcyon days were when she took a year’s sabbatical from work and spent it playing croquet with her Dad, Bill.
     The only boy in an extended family of 19 women he knew how to be heard and used his knowledge to help.  He designed and built a hoop lifter that the most delicate of ladies could use without damaging the lawn.
     Bill’s other love was classical music and he gained a lot of pleasure from access to quality performances in the city whether live or latterly, by YouTube.  His piano playing faded in favour of engineering and croquet.  The club’s gain was a loyal and helpful member and a player that at 92 still had a handicap of 12.
     Bill leaves two daughters, a granddaughter and a lot of nieces and great nieces.
     Vivien and Alison would like to thank club members for all their cards, flowers and kind messages following his death.

Alison Heywood-Hill

27th May 2017

CN AC Handicap League
York beat Tyneside Parsons 3-1.

Kevin Potter (16) beat Peter Wallace (9) 26-3
Dave Hudson (8) & Hywel Beynon (16) beat Don Wright (6) & Derek Johnson (12) 22-12
Dave Hudson (8) & Kevin Potter (16) beat Don Wright (6) & Peter Wallace (9) 26-12
Hywel Beynon (16) lost to Derek Johnson (12)  22-25

CN GC League Division 1

Tyneside lost to Belsay Hall 3½- 14½

26th May 2017

CN Handicap AC Singles KO

Terry Vernazza beat Eugene Brady 26-11

25th May 2017

Club AC HandicapSingles KO

Phil Errington beat Nora Burbridge 26-11
Eric Nixon beat David Millener 23-18

Whilst Eric was beating David on the Clock Lawn on Thursday afternoon, the newly purchased safety helmet was defeating Derek Johnson on the Pavilion Lawn.  Thanks to Terry Vernazza and Peter Wallace for working out how to fit the clips in.

21st May 2017

CN AC Handicap League
Tyneside Parsons beat Middlesbrough Resolution 3-1

Peter Wallace's injury meant that Parsons had tocall on Sheila Watts' services for the morning doubles as Don Wright had a previous engagement.

Eric Nixon (10) beat Ken Spragg (14) 26-13
Sheila Watts (10) & Derek Johnson (12) lost to Peter (3½) & Barbara McDermott (10) 17-26
Don Wright (6) & Eric Nixon (10) beat Peter McDermott (3½) & Ken Spragg (14) 26-12
Derek Johnson (12) beat Barbara McDermott (10) 23-22

Middlesbrough Endeavour beat Tyneside Vickers 4-0

John Fitzpatrick (16)beat Nora Burbridge (12) 26-14
Eugene Brady (10) & Julian Gibson (16) beat Terry Vernazza (3) & David Millener (7) 19-15
Eugene Brady (10) & John Fitzpatrick (16) beat Terry Vernazza (3) & Nora Burbridge (12) 21-17
Julian Gibson (16) beat David Millener (7) 26-4

19th May 2017

Club AC Handicap Singles KO
Terry Vernazza beat Geoff Clemence 26-15
Eric Nixon beat Don Wright 20-19
Club AC Advanced Singles League
Derek Watts beat Terry Vernazza 26-14

18th May 2017

Club AC Handicap Singles KO
Derek Johnson beat David Millener 26-14

16th May 2017

Club AC Handicap Singles KO
Alan Thwaite beat Nora Burbridge 18-17

15th May 2017

Tyneside Quaich
     The Quaich (ancient Scottish word for a drinking cup pronounced like the modern English word for shake or tremble) is an unusual format of Alternate Shot Doubles played to Advanced Rules with bisques.  It was inaugurated to provide an introduction to Advance play for C Level players.  Phil Errington was the Tournament Manager and provided the following report:

In a day of nearly 100% persistent rain the annual Tyneside Quaich was contested for the 9th time at Tyneside's Exhibition Park on the 15th May.
This was the second year Belsay Hall were unable to field a team so the teams each consisted of 3 pairs with two games for each pair against their non-equivalent opposition. Both teams being ranked in handicap order. i.e. 'A' played 'B' & 'C' etc.
Play on courts which had had no measurable rain for about 6 weeks was awkward to say the least with surface saturation often prevailing. There were very few significant breaks because of the difficulty in judging ball speed and hence distance and breaks were frequently abandoned because of this.  Significantly only one 3 hour game resulted in a peg out and most other hoop scores were in the low teens reflecting the playing conditions. Only two peels were achieved!
However, in the true spirit of keen croquet players the teams plodded on (or should that be sploshed on?) to produce a clear win for the Middlesbrough visitors - 4 wins to 2.
With the help of players, gazebos had been erected on both courts to give a modicum of protection when sitting 'out' and the pavilion was nice and warm at lunch time and end of day.
David Appleton, one of the co-founders of the competition, came to watch and presented the Quaich trophy to Julian Gibson of the Middlesbrough team.
Many thanks to Tyneside CC for their hospitality and I must mention the delightful home-made fruit cake and coconut tray bake  generously provided by Terry Vernazza's wife, Alison, to go with the 'end of play' cuppa. Delicious!

Middlesbrough A (Charles Waterfield & Julian Gibson) (1 peel) 11-12 Tyneside B (Terry Vernazza & Nora Burbridge)       Middlesbrough B (Roger Staples & John Fitzpatrick) (1 peel) 14-12 Tyneside C David Millener & Derek Johnson                               Middlesbrough C (Mike Akester & Nigel Roberts) 17-10 Tyneside A (Derek & Sheila Watts)

Middlesbrough A (Charles Waterfield & Julian Gibson) Points   15-14 Tyneside C (David Millener & Derek Johnson)                       Middlesbrough B (Roger Staples & John Fitzpatrick) 13-18 Tyneside A (Derek & Sheila Watts)
                     Middlesbrough C (Mike Akester & Nigel Roberts)   26-16 Tyneside B (Terry Vernazza & Nora Burbridge)

13th-14th May 2017

Pendle & Craven "B Level" Advanced Weekend Tournament
     Terry Vernazza travelled to Earby for Pendle's B Level Advanced Weekend and returned with an improved index total having won three of his five matches including wins against CN rival Dennis Scarr and Keswick's Ian Hall who often enters tournaments in our area.  There were 14 entrants from clubs ranging from Edinburgh down to Aldermaston with handicaps ranging from 1 to 6.  The tournament was won by David Warhurst all the way from High Wycombe CC, who won the three way tie-breaker.

12th May 2017

Golf Croquet Inter-Club Shield (Murphy Shield)
     Unfortunately Peter Lowe was unable to muster a full complement of four GC players to face Belsay Hall in the 1st round of this year's Murphy Shield and was forced to concede the tie.  Belsay will face either Ripon Spa or Pendle in the next round.

9th-11th May 2017

16th Womens Open Golf Croquet Championships

     Chris Wood competed in this tournament held at Ripon Spa reaching the Quarter Finals before going out to eventual winner Samantha Thompson (Ripon Spa) 3-7,7-5, 6-7.  A very creditable scoreline against somebody 179 places higher in the UK rankings.

11th May 2017

Club AC Handicap Singles KO
Derek Watts beat Liz Nisbet 20-17 (1st Round of the Draw)
Sheila Watts beat Geoff Clemence 18 -16 (1st Round of the Process)

10th May 2017

Club AC Handicap Singles KO
     Northumbria Police were today criticised for overreacting in their crowd control measures for the 1st round of theDraw clash between Derek Johnson and Don Wright which the former won 21-19.
     When asked to comment on the deployment of two mounted officers in reaction to recent problems of spectators giving advice to players during a game Diane Abbott criticised the waste of £30 million, er, £26.67p, umm  this will be fully costed in our manifesto.

28th-29th April 2017

Middlesbrough Handicap AC Tournament
     Three members this time for yet another trip to sunny Teesside.  Bizarrely, Geoff Clemence, Derek Johnson and David Millener were all placed in the same block so had to travel 50 miles to play each other.  They didn't distinguish themselves in filling the bottom three places in Block A  but regained some pride in each winning their final cross-block matches to see David finish 7th, Derek 9th and Geoff 11th.
     This report from Charles Waterfield:

     With twelve competitors, only three lawns (double-banked) were required.  We welcomed back competitors from Ashby, Keswick and Glasgow, joining those from Tyneside and Middlesbrough. Handicaps ranged all the way from 2 up to 18.
     The tournament format involved two blocks of six players, with pre-drawn rounds.  These rounds were played as 18-point games, with 2-hour time-limits; this was satisfactory, as only two games went to time. Four rounds on the Saturday and one more the next morning. The resulting 'rankings' in each block put competitors in the following order:
Block A.
Roger Staples (Mbro) on 5 wins, John Fitzpatrick (Mbro) 3 wins, Dennis Scarr (Mbro) 3 wins, David Millener (Tyneside) 2 wins, Derek Johnson (Tyneside) 2 wins and Geoff Clemence (Tyneside) 0 wins.

Block B.
Joe Lennon (Glasgow) on 4 wins, Nigel Roberts (Mbro) 3 wins 1 draw, Steve Skelton (Keswick) 3 wins, Charles Waterfield (Mbro) 3 wins, Mick Haytack (Ashby) 1 win and Julian Gibson 1 draw(Mbro).

On Sunday afternoon there were six play-off games (full 26-point, 3 hour) between the corresponding Block A and Block B places, with the following results (the top two being very close affairs):

Joe Lennon beat Roger Staples (+1)

John Fitzpatrick beat Nigel Roberts +1t

Steve Skelton beat Dennis Scarr +15

David Millener beat Charles Waterfield +22

Derek Johnson beat Mick Haytack +17

Geoff Clemence beat Julian Gibson +4t

Well-deserved handicap reductions for:
Joe Lennon 10 to 9 (Joe also won this event two years ago)
Roger Staples 3½ to 3 (consolation prize)

22nd April 2017

Middlesbrough "Special B" Advanced AC Tournament
Tyneside CC was even better represented this time providing the majority of the entrants after Derek Johnson stepped in as a late replacement for Roger Staples.  In the end Tyneside provided both finalists with Derek Watts winning comfortably against Phil Errington.
BLOCK A                      BLOCK B
Phil Errington 1.0               Derek Watts 0.5
   Terry Vernazza 3.0             Andrew Webb 2.0
        David Millener 7.0              Peter McDermott 3.5
      Nigel Roberts 11.0              Derek Johnson 12.0
      David 26 V Nigel 20               Derek J 15 V Peter 26
          Terry 19 V Phil 26                 Derek W 26 V Andrew 4
     David 11 V Phil 26                Peter 2 V Andrew 26
            Nigel 13 V Terry26               Derek W 26 V Derek J 15
     David 17 V Terry 26              Derek J 5 V Andrew 26
       Nigel 10 V Phil 26                Peter 13 V Derek W 26
Phil 1 Derek W 26
Terry 22 Andrew 21
David 26 Peter 13
Nigel 18 Derek 20

8th April 2017

Middlesbrough CA One-Ball Tournament
Tyneside CC was well represented in the traditional opener to the new season in North East croquet circles, the One Ball event at Middlesbrough held in aid of the charity Parkinsons UK (thus the flash of blue that some competitors remembered to wear rather than the traditional whites!).
The following report is from Charles Waterfield the Tournament Manager: 

     This year’s event, our tenth such, involved sixteen competitors from North East clubs. The tournament was a heat in the national (Parkinsons UK) charity One-ball. For most players this was their first outdoor croquet of the season; everyone basking in unbroken sunshine all day.
     Handicaps ranged from 0 to 18 (those below 2 played off further-reduced HCs); one third the bisque difference was used. Time-limits of 40 minutes were very rarely reached. Round-robin draws were selected by the manager and it was later agreed that ten rounds be completed. Final positions were checked on a PC, using comparative scoring (each player’s overall performance being compared with every other player's). With simple scoring Mike was ahead of Phil, John and Nigel who were all tied on 2nd place; comparative scoring then resolved the order to that below.

Final results:

1st Mike Akester (Middlesbrough)
2nd Phil Errington (Tyneside)
3rd John Fitzpatrick (Middlesbrough)
4th Andrew Killick (Middlesbrough)
5th= Nigel Roberts (Middlesbrough)
5th= Terry Vernazza (Tyneside)
7th David Millener (Tyneside)
8th Dennis Scarr (Middlesbrough)

9th Julian Gibson (Middlesbrough)
10th Eric Nixon (Tyneside)
11th= Geoff Clemence (Tyneside)
11th= Peter McDermott (Middlesbrough)
13th Roger Staples (Middlesbrough)
14th Derek Johnson (Tyneside)
15th Barbara McDermott (Middlesbrough)
16th Derek Watts (Tyneside)

Annual General Meeting

The Club's AGM will be held on Sunday 19th February commencing at 14.30.  Documentation for the meeting has been distributed to members by e-mail.

10th May 2017

Club AC Handicap Singles KO

Derek Johnson beat Don Wright 21-19


Middlesbrough A (Charles Waterfield & Julian Gibson) (1 peel) 11-12 Tyneside B (Terry Vernazza & Nora Burbridge)
  Middlesbrough B (Roger Staples & John Fitzpatrick) (2 peels) 14-12 Tyneside C (David Millener & Derek Johnson)
                      Middlesbrough C (Mike Akester & Nigel Roberts)  17-10 Tyneside A (Derek & Sheila Watts)


              Middlesbrough A (Charles Waterfield & Julian Gibson) 15-14 Tyneside C (David Millener & Derek Johnson)
                 Middlesbrough B  (Roger Staples & John Fitzpatrick) 13-18 Tyneside A (Derek & Sheila Watt
Middlesbrough C (Mike Akester & Nigel Roberts)  17-10 Tyneside A (Derek & Sheila Watts)

Mike & Nigel Points 26-16Tyneside B (Terry Vernazza & Nora Burbridge)

Team A Team B Team C Final Position

Middlesbrough 1 win points ( 26 ) peels ( 1 ) 1 win points ( 27 ) peels ( 1 ) 2 wins points ( 43 ) peels ( 0 ) 4 wins 96 points 2 peels


1 win points ( 28 ) peels ( 0 ) 1 win points ( 28 ) peels ( 0 ) 0 wins points ( 26 ) peels ( 0 ) 2 wins 82 points 0 peels

It is with great sadness that we learned ofthe passing away of Caroline Wallace on Saturday 14th January. Caroline had been a member since 2002 and enjoyed her time playing and travelling away to tournaments supporting Peter. The Wednesday morning sessions will be notable  by her absence. We offer our sympathy to Peter and family.